New ways of working

Sessions that look in depth at how digital products are created outside of publishing and how those approaches can be harnessed to help us build better products, faster and more efficiently.

All courses can be delivered at your offices or at an ELTjam office in London or Cambridge, or online.

New ways of working

Introduction to Agile, Lean, Scrum and User-centred Product Development

What can we learn from how tech companies work?

  • Pros & cons of Waterfall product development
  • What is User-centred design and why it is important
  • User personas, user stories, user journeys, wire-framing, market testing
  • Usability & UX [User Experience]
  • Principles of Lean product development – how to develop better products in less time with fewer resources
  • Agile principles and putting them into practice with the Scrum project approach
  • Testing and iterating in order to arrive at a product that meets market requirements

Full day. For anyone in a commissioning or senior publishing role, assumes some understanding of digital pedagogy and basic understanding of UX.

Putting Agile into practice using Lean Startup methodology

How successful startups build amazing products, fast.

  • Using Lean and Agile principles to speed up product development, cut waste and ensure product/market fit
  • Step by step process for applying the Lean startup methodology to ELT digital product development
  • How to develop an MVP [minimum viable product]
  • How to iterate towards a product that fits your chosen market
  • How to gather and make use of customer feedback during product development

Full day. For anyone in a commissioning or senior publishing role that has already completed Introduction to Agile, Lean, Scrum and User-centred Product Development.

Productivity Tools & Workload Management

How to work smarter, not harder.

  • Techniques and digital tools to increase productivity.
  • How best to use tools such as Google Docs, Dropbox, digital project management and time management tools to shorten delivery times while making projects less stressful and less likely to go wrong.
  • How to keep your inbox under control.

90 minutes. Suitable for all roles.

Other courses


Crash courses on a wide range of key topics in digital publishing and product development.

Marketing, sales and strategy

How to thrive in the new competitive landscape.


Managing projects and products

How to design, commission and deliver digital products effectively.