Managing Products and Projects

How to commission effective digital products and how to plan and deliver digital projects.

All courses can be delivered at your offices or at an ELTjam office in London or Cambridge, or online.

Introduction to Product Management

Key concepts in understanding the role of the product manager.

  • Introduction to Product Management: What does a product manager do?
  • Understanding Product: Defining a product and thinking about revenue drivers
  • Understanding the market: The product lifecycle and product/market fit
  • Product and user experience design: Planning and building great products
  • Teamwork and collaboration: Effective communication with developers, designers and managers
  • Data: Managing metrics and getting to validated learning

Full day. For anyone starting out as or wanting to become a Product Manager.

Developing Digital Content

Everything editors and content developers need to know about developing great digital content. 

  • What makes good digital content?
  • Mapping print to digital
  • Common content flaws in digital content
  • Evaluating and constructing good learning outcomes
  • Workflows for developing/editing digital content
  • Checking content on screen

Full day. For anyone working on digital content.

Planning Complex Digital Projects

Measure twice, cut once.

  • Digital project jargon
  • Why digital projects are more complex
  • How to manage complexity
  • Understanding roles
  • How to ensure your project is properly defined from the beginning
  • Using high-level plans to identify issues quickly
  • Using work breakdown structures to identify editorial tasks on digital products
  • Understanding and clarifying editorial project roles and responsibilities
  • Editorial resource planning, budgeting and risk management
  • Communication planning
  • Tools and tips to make planning and project management easier

Full day. For anyone with commissioning or project management responsibilities.

Finding, Briefing & Managing Talent

‘People, products and profit, in that order.’ – Ben Horowitz

  • How to identify typical editorial resources for a digital project
  • How to identify sources of authors and editors for digital content
  • How to check author and editor qualifications
  • How to create a good brief for a digital project and ensure quality
  • How contracts and fees differ between print and digital
  • How to set and understand expectations on digital projects
  • What to expect from working with authors and freelancers on digital projects
  • Negotiating with authors

Full day. For anyone with commissioning or project management responsibilities.

Managing Quality

The trickiest axis of the quality–budget–schedule triangle.

  • Quality assurance vs. quality control
  • QA & QC roles and responsibilities
  • Requirements for a project lead or editorial lead in checking and signing off a digital project
  • Developing checklists for key sign-off stages
  • Logging issues

Half day. For anyone with commissioning or project management responsibilities.

Working with Digital Suppliers

Your new colleagues in the digital age.

Best practice for working with:

  • designers
  • UX designers
  • animators
  • packagers
  • developers
  • data entry
  • games developers
  • digital editors
  • app developers

2 hours. For those with little or no experience working with digital suppliers, or those who have experienced challenges in working with them previously.

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