Way back in June we wrote about GlassLab’s partnership with Pearson and Electronic Arts and their collective efforts to develop a game-based learning product out of SimCity.

Well, GlassLab launched the first edition of this hugely anticipated super game earlier in November. Called SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge! The game puts learners in contact with a hugely effective way of understanding the nature, impact and solution options of environmental issues, whilst it also promotes (and provides assessment upon) their problem solving skills, ability to communicate the relationships that exist between complex systems, and their ability to read and interpret various forms of texts and diagrams.

What this represents is the future. Plain and simple. A superbly put together game franchise (with an established global presence) is having its potential unlocked for the benefit and exploration of learners in US middle schools. What this is helping to demonstrate (in eltjam’s slightly pessimistic opinion) is that the best learning resources are not designed for or by educators. The best learning resources are those that are designed for fun, enjoyment, exploration and imagination. The learning part happens once everyone’s well and truly involved.

SimCityELT, anyone?

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