It only feels like 5 minutes since we were wandering around a cavernous Glasgow conference centre, endeavoring to process the sheer spectacle of ELT in full swing. A cursory glance at the ELTjam timepiece, however, confirms that the 52nd IATEFL conference draws on apace. As we begin gearing up for IATEFL Brighton, we wanted to give you the heads up on a few things that we’re cooking up for the conference.


We’ll be speaking

We have had three talks accepted for the programme. It would be great to see you there.

Future-proofing your ELT career in the digital age

In this talk, Nick Robinson presents an action plan for career development in the digital age, aimed at teachers, managers, materials writers/editors and publishers. In an industry being rapidly transformed by technology, with the increased presence of AI and automation, how do ELT professionals need to upskill in order to thrive?
Nick’s talk will be on Friday, 13th April

Challenge vs. Intuition in Language Learning

They say good user experience (UX) is invisible and intuitive; but should good learner experience (LX) aim for that too, or is there a key role for struggle and challenge as a part of language acquisition? In this talk, Jo Sayers looks at the role of struggle and the impact it has on learners, teachers and others working in education. 
Jo’s talk will be on Wednesday, 11th April

Beyond placement tests: alternative ways of thinking about learner needs

To what extent do existing needs analysis approaches help us understand the problems our learners are trying to solve? In this talk, Tim Gifford looks at some strategies from outside the world of ELT that are used to identify and address underlying user needs. It will then explore what these might mean for education professionals developing language learning products and experiences.
Tim’s talk will be on Tuesday, 10th April

We’ll be partying

We’re co-organising an evening event with Cambridge Assessment English to be held on the 11th April. The theme of the event will be ‘The future of learning and assessment’ and we will be showcasing a variety of perspectives. We also insist on adding quality tunes and some liquid refreshment into the mix, just for good measure. We’ll be releasing more details about the times and locations, as well as info on how to grab yourself a free ticket, in the near future. We just wanted to make sure you had the date in your diary.



We’ll be socialising

If you’re also heading to Brighton for the conference and would like to meet up for a coffee / beachfront walk / post conference pint to find out more about how ELTjam could work with you, then drop us a line using the contact form below.

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