We work with learning organisations to help them build better products in better ways by putting the learner at the centre of every decision. Our unique Learner Experience Design (LXD) approach is driven by a focus on pedagogy, UX, learning content and interaction.

Our clients

We help Pearson ELT develop and publish authoritative content for their blog.
We have worked with the Beijing-based EdTech company since 2014, and we frequently deliver training on digital learning strategies with their teacher trainers.
We help the New York-based venture development firm co-create startups by contributing our Learner Experience Design expertise.
We provide in-person training to publishing and digital product teams on areas such as project management and the management of complex digital projects.
We provided product consultancy on the content, user experience and platform specification for this joint venture. This included developing over 300 hours of exam prep content for the flagship course. We have also provided on-going promotional and research support in the form of platform demonstrations and user testing.
We developed the British English version of Rosetta Stone’s flagship Business English course. This involved the adaptation of 400 interactive video-based online lessons. The entire project, including video production, was completed in 5 months.
We provide in-person and online training to publishing and digital product teams on areas such as Learner Experience Design.


We have worked with ELTjam for two years on our CollegePre Institute IELTS project. ELTjam helped us with the development of interactive teaching and learning materials. Throughout our collaboration, ELTjam has showed its profound understanding of the next generation of digital publishing.
Li Meng
The CollegePre Institute
What we love about the ELTjam team is that they bring so much more than translations and pedagogy to our projects. From copywriting, to product development, to the structural design of our products, their versatility is key for us at Prehype. And they’re pretty good people too.
Stacey Seltzer

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