Willy CardosoYour 140 character bio

I’m a freelance trainer and consultant: willycardoso.com. I’m based in Europe (vague enough?), have a blog, and am interested in philosophy.

1. What do you do?

I’ve taught EFL for 12y. but lately I’ve spent most of my time reading, researching, writing and speaking about teacher training&development

2. Why do you do it?

It’s intellectually challenging; socially relevant; good for personal growth (mine and others’). And…I’m not very good at anything else.

3. What’s the most interesting thing happening in ELT right now?

More access for teachers to build an online community of practice; esp. for those whose staffrooms are not very exciting.

4. What do you think the developments in EdTech mean for learners of English?

A kind of liberation in a way; they can find ‘virtually’ infinite resources to learn more autonomously. But lots of cyberjunk to filter too.

5. What do you think the developments in EdTech mean for teachers?

An opportunity to exercise their own critical thinking and learning skills, which is kind of what they should be helping learners do anyway.

6. What does EdTech mean for publishers?

A means to intensify and legitimize the influence of corporate and consumerist cultures over education, among other things of course.

7. Gamification: a fad or the future?

Neither. I’d say a very interesting niche. But I don’t know really, I’m trying to be better informed; eltjam’s articles have helped -thanks!

8. How will mobile learning transform ELT?

Having youtube, gmail, twitter, etc in our pockets can be great for education; but none was initially designed as EdTech. Think about it.

9. What next for online learning?

I’d love to see more on Adaptive learning systems. And less streaming of boring lectures from university halls, it seems it’s catching on.

10. How will ELT be different 5 years from now?

The average classroom won’t be so different. Not as techy as many suggest. More exam-driven maybe. It’s a big question to answer in a hundr…

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