Stephen Parkes Go Enrol140 character bio:

Stephen is a serial EdTech entrepreneur. Founder of @GoEnrol , Founder of hskrevision.com and previously worked in education in China.

1. What do you do?

Lead the great team at Go Enrol. We’re making UK course discovery, comparison and enrolment easier for students around the world.

2. Why do you do it?

Finding and comparing courses shouldn’t be hard. It’s very fulfilling to be working on making that easier for millions of students.

3. How do you know when you’re being successful?

When students feel that they have chosen the right course and institution.

4. How do you think learners of English perceive developments in EdTech?

Excited by the variety of choices and then confused about how to work out which one they should spend their time and money on.

5. To what extent can EdTech deliver what the learner really needs?

It’s one component of what a learner needs.

6. If you could ask all learners one question, what would it be?

Why are you learning? Would be fascinating to chart the differing motivations between ages and over time.

7. What behaviour/methods/approaches should education publishers maintain for 2014?

Continuing to test new mediums,platforms and approaches for engaging students.

8. What behaviour/methods/approaches should education publishers change for 2014?

Publishers (and others) should get better at monitoring the impact on student learning outcomes of what is being published.

9. Putting language into distinct levels is helpful for learners. Agree/Disagree? Why?

Agree. It provides goals for learners. The learning itself though needs to (and will) become more personalised according to interests etc.

10. You have a magic wand: what EdTech do you wish for?

Adaptive learning which can leverage the power of learning from peers – across different ages and locations – guided by quality teachers.


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