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Lindsay Rattray

I am the founder of ClassWired, the classroom app for ESL.  I am an ESL teacher, Lean Startup advocate, and ex-programmer/business analyst.

1. What do you do?

We improve ELT. We do it by bringing together: the classroom, ELT activities and mobiles, student content and feedback for the teacher, interactivity and peer-to-peer sharing.

2. Why do you do it?

I love teaching and I can see how we can do things better.  We need to use what we know (ELT methodology) and what we have (ubiquitous information technology).

3. How do you know when you’re being successful?

ClassWired is successful when teachers are recommending it to each other.

4. How do you think learners of English perceive developments in EdTech?

Searchable dictionary apps are better than books, my course book content is out-dated but my Facebook feed isn’t, and why am I waiting for the school Internet connection?

5. To what extent can EdTech deliver what the learner really needs?

To the extent that it is personalised for me, shareable with my peers, saveable for later study, real, and engaging. (Oh and for my teacher: measureable or visible so they can react).

6. If you could ask all learners one question, what would it be?

How do you know when you’re learning?

7. What behaviour/methods/approaches should ELT publishers maintain for 2014?

Keep ELT pedagogy.  Current course books have quality activities and fairly good content.

8. What behaviour/methods/approaches should ELT publishers change for 2014?

Make content dynamic and interactive.  Make the content and activities work together.  Make it simple for teachers to harness this.

9. Putting language into distinct levels is helpful for learners. Agree/Disagree? Why?

Helpful because my learning is more targeted and personalised.  Unhelpful because it doesn’t reflect my real life.

10. You have a magic wand: what EdTech do you wish for?

A platform: on any device, to share student content, to do activities, for any language focus, which gives feedback to the teacher.  Be our magic wand and help us build it at www.classwired.com.


If you want to take part in the micro-interview series then drop your answers in an email to us along with a short bio and  profile pic. We’d love to hear your take on these Qs. – the eltjam team

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