Karen White140-character bio

Freelance ELT editor, project manager and trainer. Co-owner of ELT Teacher 2 Writer. Social Media Coordinator for the new IATEFL MaW SIG.

1. What do you do?

Manage multi-level, multi-component courses for publishers. Train editors. Run forum for ELT editors. Develop writing talent through ELT T2W.

2. Why do you do it?

I’ve loved ELT materials since working on a textbook writing project at Bilkent University. I’ve been lucky to make them my living since.

3. What’s the most interesting thing happening in ELT right now?

As an editor – learning how to combine a traditional paper-based approach with tech developments – within Q, T, R constraints of course.

4. What do you think the developments in EdTech mean for learners of English?

More options. More learning outside the classroom. More real-world language.

5. What do you think the developments in EdTech mean for teachers?

More options. More learning. Coming out of a comfort zone while things shake up before they settle down again.

6. What does EdTech mean for publishers?

Exciting times if they can keep up and forge ahead. Worrying times if they can’t – those who can innovate will come out on top.

7. Gamification: a fad or the future?

A supplement.

8. How will mobile learning transform ELT?

In terms of delivery methods we’ll move from books to tablets, but the underlying principles will stay the same.

9. What next for online learning?

Tailored, social, 24/7, interactive. Perhaps I’ll sign up!

10. How will ELT be different 5 years from now?

Motivated students will have more autonomy but the classroom situation will be similar to today, with a bit more tech thrown in.

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