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Editorial Director at English360, a blended learning platform. I also write and edit books on ESP, BE, grammar, teacher training, …

1. What do you do?

I work with publishers and self-publishers to develop/repurpose ELT content for blended learning to meet the specific needs of our clients.

2. Why do you do it?

I love working with great ELT writers and improving their work! Also, I have small kids so working from home is wonderful.

3. What’s the most interesting thing happening in ELT right now?

Self-publishing – breaking the old divide between suppliers and consumers of ELT content, and getting them to work together.

4. What do you think the developments in EdTech mean for learners of English?

More personalised courses, tailored to individual needs. Also more motivating: blended learning frees up class time for fun F2F activities.

5. What do you think the developments in EdTech mean for teachers?

Lots of great opportunities but can be overwhelming. The need for training and support for teachers has never been greater.

6. What does EdTech mean for publishers?

Small publishers and self-publishers can now compete head-on with the big fish. The old publish-print-distribute model is looking shaky.

7. Gamification: a fad or the future?

New name for old concept (partly). But it’s great that it’s so prominent now, in research and in the classroom. Publishers need to follow.

8. How will mobile learning transform ELT?

In the classroom: getting core content out of books and onto screens. But I’m not convinced it can/should replace F2F teaching.

9. What next for online learning?

The days when all students have permanent internet on tablet/phone in the classroom are just round the corner. This will change everything.

10. How will ELT be different 5 years from now?

The tech will change (online instead of print books) but F2F teaching won’t change much. But who knows? Anything can happen in 5 years!

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