140 character bio:

Hugo Loyola is an international business consultant with vast experience in educational publishing, marketing, sales, digital products and business development.

1. What do you do?

I work with educational and corporate leaders, helping inform products and strategies, and representing high-value authors and global brands.

2. Why do you do it?

I am passionate about creating outstanding products and services that positively affect educators, and their learners.

3. How do you know when you’re being successful?

When the products and services I helped create delight the end user.

4. How do you think learners of English perceive developments in EdTech?

Positively, but with a more scrupulous or discerning eye. They have greater flexibility of choice, and they will change products or services that don’t meet their needs.

5. To what extent is it possible to deliver what the learner NEEDS?

To the extent that we fully understand real (not perceived) learner needs. Technology can be adapted, learning needs are much less flexible.

6. If you could ask all learners one question, what would it be?

How can this product (or service) help you improve your life?

7. What behaviour/methods/approaches should ELT publishers maintain for 2014?

MVP and responsive designs, platform agnostic architecture, iterative product development processes based in real user behavior and feedback.

8. What behaviour/methods/approaches should ELT publishers change for 2014?

If your pub plans account for more than 20% supporting print-based models, you are not investing in your future. Focus on digital innovation.

9. Putting language into distinct levels is helpful for learners. Agree/Disagree? Why?

This might be more relevant to developers, teachers and to institutions, than to learners. But it helps them see progress.

10. You have a magic wand: what EdTech do you wish for?

Integrated and adaptive solutions.

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