140 character bio:

Dr. Shaunie Shammass is VP Linguistic Innovation at SpeakingPal with expertise in automatic speech recognition, e-learning and pedagogy.

1. What do you do?

Hi. I’m SpeakingPal’s VP – Linguistic Innovation. I create all of the learning content and work in tandem with the great tech team here.

2. Why do you do it?

Here’s the challenge – we want to change the way people learn a second language with a vision that learning can be fun and interactive.

3. How do you know when you’re being successful?

When close to 2M people already use our award-winning solution and we get user feedback that they enjoy improving their speaking skills.

4. How do you think learners of English perceive developments in EdTech?

Opening doors for a better life that were previously closed. Having learning options at their fingertips under their control.

5. To what extent is it possible to deliver what the learner NEEDS?

We know that improving the speaking skill is a real need. How to harness technology and liaise with content in a wise way is the key.

6. If you could ask all learners one question, what would it be?

If your language teaching mobile app could teach you one thing, what would it be? (Translation: How can I help you even more?)

7. What behaviour/methods/approaches should ELT publishers maintain for 2014?

Keep up the push into mobile ed and BYOD solutions.

8. What behaviour/methods/approaches should ELT publishers change for 2014?

Make mobile-centric content, not just porting from book or online to the mobile ‘as is’. Use the mobile in clever ways. Be innovative.

9. Putting language into distinct levels is helpful for learners. Agree/Disagree? Why?

Agree. Guidance is always good. But if we are already talking about levels, let’s talk in terms of gamification.

10. You have a magic wand: what EdTech do you wish for?

Analytics, analytics, analytics.

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