It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that we were sipping vermuts and listening to the closing plenaries in the sunny garden at Oxford TEFL.

But believe it or not, it has been eight months since teachers, students, trainers, materials writers and publishers from all over the globe descended on Barcelona to talk all things learner related.

If you haven’t already, check out some of the highlights from last year’s conference and see if you can spot a familiar face or two.

This year’s theme

After the last couple of years bringing power back to teachers and learners, we decided to take a more lighthearted approach in 2018. That’s why the theme this year is Fun?! Delight & struggle in ELT.

There are many questions we’d like to explore in this year’s conference, and we’ll be surfacing them through a combination of mini-plenaries, 30- and 60-minute workshops, live lessons with real learners, drop-in sessions and group activities.

Here are just some of the questions that we look forward to exploring:

  • What is fun and what does it mean for our students?
  • Does fun really have a place in the ELT classroom?
  • How much should we make our students suffer for their progress?
  • How can we make our classes more entertaining?
  • How can we use technology to engage our learners?
  • How can schools use fun to motivate teachers and trainees?

Speakers announced

We are pleased to announce our first four speakers, but stay tuned as the call for papers has only recently ended and we are busy working our way through the list of interesting proposals that we received.

We’ll announce the rest of the speakers in early February, so keep an eye on the Facebook and Twitter pages or sign-up to our newsletter for updates.



Head of Education – Busuu

Kirsten is a digital learning specialist. She’s currently Head of Education at busuu, where she’s helping improve the learning experience for over 80 million students. In the past she has worked as an English teacher in China, before moving onto materials development at EF, Pearson, Harper Collins and Macmillan. She’s a keen language learner herself and has studied Mandarin, Norwegian and (currently) Spanish.


Education Technology Specialist – Anglia Ruskin University

Paul is an expert in education technology from Anglia Ruskin University. His research takes him into diverse fields, looking at the impact of virtual reality, embodied cognition, media, game design and play on the learning process. A man of many talents, Paul is also a graphic designer, book illustrator, teacher trainer, and an award-winning materials designer.



ELT Writer and Author

Scott is a widely regarded as an expert speaker and trainer, and well known for his award-winning books for teachers. Most recently he released 30 Language Teaching Methods. It was published by Cambridge, where he is also the series editor for the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers.


ELT Author and Cofounder of ELT Teacher 2 Writer

Sue has more than 25 years’ experience in ELT and is a cofounder of ELT Teacher 2 Writer. She has an impressive collection of publications to her name, including Reward Resource Packs published by Heinemann, Inside Out and New Inside Out for Macmillan, which she wrote with co-author Vaughan Jones, and Pearson’s Upper Secondary course Focus.


Listen to what some of the speakers at InnovateELT 2017 thought about the experience.

What makes InnovateELT stand out?

Those of you who have been to InnovateELT in the past will know it’s a bit different from your average ELT conference.

Long gone are dry talks and plenaries which seem to go on forever. At InnovateELT the focus is on you and participation is encouraged from the word go.

You’ll find:

  • Something for everyone – no matter whether you are an edtech enthusiast, a YL specialist, or a teacher trainer, there are easy to follow pathways so you’ll be able to find the most relevant talks for you.
  • Real learners – we believe the best ways to learn is to watch someone else doing it and then reflecting afterwards. Like in previous years there will be live demo classes with the opportunity to interact with English students.
  • Practical approach – delegates are encouraged to participate not just sit back and listen to workshops. Expect to learn something which you can take back and incorporate into your classroom.
  • Community spirit – with such an international crowd and a great mix of not only teachers, but also trainers, writers, publishers and academic managers, you’ll make connections which will last for a lifetime.
  • Top location – being in the centre of Barcelona, Oxford House is easy to get to and the perfect place to spend your weekend. As usual the plenaries will take place in the charming garden which is just a few minutes walk from many famous Gaudí sites like Casa Batlló and La Pedrera.
  • Pre-conference events – make the most of your time in Barcelona and attend one of the half day workshops on the Friday. We’ll be sharing more information on these in due course.

Read our reflections from last year and some blog posts written by our attendees.

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