With the event only a few days away, we want to make sure you get your hands on the last of the remaining tickets before it’s too late.

What is it?

InnovateEdTech 2017 is a one-day event featuring hands-on workshops focused on solving learner problems and talks by speakers from across the EdTech sector. Most importantly, it’s about the opportunity to share experiences and to connect with others facing similar challenges in using technology in education. Over half of the delegates are teaching professionals, but there are also attendees from educational publishing, technology companies and academia. It’s taking place in East London on the 11th November.

Why are we doing it?

We’re running InnovateEdTech because we feel that London needs an EdTech conference that puts the learner and the teacher at the centre of the conversation, not the tech itself. This has been a critical aspect of our work as we’ve developed the practice and principles of Learner Experience Design. We believe that whatever role we play in education, we should be aiming to make the experience of learning both more effective and more enjoyable. The theme for this year is The Rise of Learner Experience, and we’ll explore the importance of a learner-centred approach in the use of educational technologies and the learner experiences they facilitate.

What’s more, we wanted to bring the energy, community and enthusiasm of the InnovateELT events to a wider audience in all areas of the education space.

What can you expect?

InnovateEdTech’s programme is bursting with terrific talks covering AI, user experience, professional development, assessment and more. Below is only a taste of the day’s excellent line up. You see all the full programme on the InnovateEdTech site.

Dr. Rose Luckin

Dr. Rose Luckin

Professor of Learner Centred Design at UCL Knowledge Lab

Why AI matters for education and how education matters for AI

AI is everywhere but mostly it is invisible. When it is not invisible it is almost always seen as technology. But AI is about intelligence, both Artificial and human (HI). In this talk I’ll explore where the right blend of AI and HI might be for Education and how we can create it.

Paul Driver

Paul Driver

Education Technology Specialist

Virtual reality and interaction design for education

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming increasingly prevalent in a range of fields, including medicine, entertainment and language teaching. Providing users with choice and control, it can also capture spatial audio, increasing the sense of immersion. 360-degree video has significant potential but designing for immersion means designing for context, interaction and experience. We will consider these implications and look at the new skillset required to best take advantage of the affordances of VR.

Katherine Weber

Katherine Weber

EdTech Partnership Manager, FutureLearn

EdTech for teacher training and development

Most EdTech is positioned toward students: courses, apps and other tools to help young people learn particular topics. But what can ed tech do to improve the ongoing learning experience of teachers? This talk will focus on the potential of online courses to help teachers continue their own learning. In particular, it will look at how online courses can enable cross-disciplinary conversations, increase the diversity of voices, and allow teachers to personalise their professional training.

Joe Dale

Joe Dale

Independent Languages Consultant

Curating digital resources and planning for the year ahead

Practical advice on how to harness the power of social media by curating links and ideas with social bookmarking and note taking services. This presentation will look at practical ways teachers can curate digital resources they find via social media with free tools such as Flipboard, Pinterest, Storify, Google Keep and Autodraw to plan for the year ahead.

The day will be a mix of presentations, demonstrations and workshops. Plus there will be games and activities, music, delicious food and drinks, an evening party and plenty of fun times.

For more information about the event head on over to www.innovateevents.com or you can grab your ticket from the form below.

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