As 2015 draws to a close, we look back at our most popular posts of the year. As ever, we’ve had some gems this year, so here’s your chance to make sure you haven’t missed out. And this year’s number one post was also the most-read ELTjam post ever.

So here, in reverse order, are the TOP 5 posts of 2015. Can you guess what #1 is? (Don’t cheat)

#5 Designing learning spaces for a mobile era

The shift from the immobility of PCs to the mobility of tablets and smartphones allows digital space to interact with material space, both in and out of the classroom, in entirely new ways. At British Study Centres in Oxford, where Paul Driver works, this was an important consideration in their decision to integrate mobile technology …

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#4 A beginner’s guide to teaching online, part 1: which platform to use?

The first of three in our guide to teaching online. Jaime Miller has been teaching private online lessons for TOEFL iBT since 2010. By 2012, she had left local schools and was earning 100% of her income from teaching online lessons. The series kicked off by looking at the question of which of the many platforms (like Skype or Wiz IQ) is best for teaching online.

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#3 The challenge of creating content for private EFL lessons

In a previous post we heard from Kris Jagasia on how his startup EdTech company TurksLearnEnglish had recognised and acted on an opportunity they identified within the Turkish language education market. Kris returned to ELTjam to tell us about another learning platform he and his team have developed to aid the private language tutor, and how 1-to-1 lessons differ from full-class teaching.

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#2 5 useful online journals for ELT professionals

Having been invited to recommend ‘the best ELT journals…, maybe a top 5 list’, Florentina Taylor explains why the following are, in her opinion, great resources for ELT professionals. Such a list will always be a subjective compilation dependent on personal preference, work context, accessibility and the reasons for accessing (and recommending) the respective journals. She’s hoping this will, nevertheless, answer the question. You can find an objective journal ranking tool at the end of this post.

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And our most popular post of 2015 is …

*opens imaginary envelope*




#1 Content is no longer king. Here are five things that are.

In 2015, content is no longer king. At best, it’s a minor royal. So in the era of content as a commodity, what’s taken its place on the throne? What do users value instead?

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And we’re looking forward to sharing more great posts with you in 2016, so stay tuned.


Featured image: Aldo van Zeeland

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