1111We know some of you are busy. Others like to catch up on their ELT news whilst on the underground, in the bath or somewhere far far away from wifi. Some of you like to highlight and add notes, maybe you like to know where you were in a post if you leave and come back, maybe…

“Yes, that’s me” I hear you shout.

So, we present to you the first ever ELTjam Digest ebook, for you to enjoy at your leisure. Download as a PDF or as an EPUB file from smashwords.

The first edition includes posts from Scott Thornbury, Nick Robinson, Brendan Wightman and Jo Sayers. Take a look inside for more info.

The content is already available on the blog, only the format is different. We hope you enjoy it; please do let us know what you think and what you’d like to see in future ebooks from ELTjam.

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