Two pieces of news today related to e-textbooks:

1. Blackboard and VitalSource have just announced a pilot whereby the VitalSource Bookshelf platform will be available within the Blackboard LMS. This means that Blackboard users could soon have access to hundreds of thousands of textbooks within their learning platform. This integration strengthen’s the Blackboard proposition at a time when they are rapidly losing market share, and offers VitalSource a huge new channel for delivery of e-Textbooks.

2. CourseSmart (one of VitalSource’s main competitors in the distribution of e-textbooks) have just announced a major upgrade to the Android version of their reader app, with enhancements including annotation, highlighting, offline use, syncing and more.

We’ll be writing more about the growth of e-textbooks soon, but in the meantime, there is huge momentum behind this. It’s something all of the ELT publishers are piling into right now, and the likes of VitalSource and CourseSmart are going to be significant in ELT soon – so these developments are worth keeping an eye on.

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