Tim and Katy from 2Ts in a Pod spent the weekend at our InnovateELT conference at Oxford TEFL in Barcelona last month. They chatted to our very own Jo Sayers, the conference organisers, as well as a host of other speakers at the conference. If you want to jump ahead to a specific interview, the timings are below:

Jo Sayers – 8.00-25.00
Scott Thornbury – 26.30-30.30
Dirk Lagerward – 33.00-42.00
Shaun Sweeney – 44.00-49.30
Ollie Wood and Mary Whiteside – 51.30-58.30
Nicola Meldrum – 59.30 – 63.30
Melody Phillip – 65.00 – 76.00

Check out more awesome episodes from 2Ts in Pod on their SoundCloud page or take a look at their Facebook page for extra content: https://www.facebook.com/2tspodcast/

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