With over 30 speakers lined up, we figured you might want some tips on navigating the programme for the Innovate ELT conference, which takes place on the 8th and 9th May in Barcelona. Here are 13 ways to figure out what to see. And if you’ve not bought your ticket yet, don’t miss out: we’ve only got 18 left!

1. If you want to watch some innovation in action, with real-life students …

Ceri Jones: In and beyond the classroom: using technology to support learning (lesson demo)

Fiona Mauchline: Up close and personalised (lesson demo)

Cleve Miller: Blending, flipping, mobile, adaptive: from theory to practice (lesson demo)

Dan Barber: Coaching in practice (lesson demo)

2. If you’re wondering whether innovation and disruption actually leads to better language learning …

Nicky Hockly, Carla Arena, Anthony Gaughan, Sophia Mavridi: Innovation in language learning?

Scott Thornbury: Hype or hope?

Brendan Wightman: A short history of disruption

Deborah Capras: Innovation: How disruptive is it in corporate language training?

3. If, for you, ‘innovation’ means ‘tech’ …

Alexandra Albuera Quintero: ¡Horror! Móviles en el aula: utilizarlos en y para clase

Jaime Miller: The Future of Online ESL Teaching

Ljubica Damevska: Tandem MOOC: Description and general results

Brian Engquist: How technology helps you improve what your students can do

Mike Howard: A teacher-centred approach to new technologies in language learning

Melody Philips: The future is behind you: using Interactive Storytelling Learning (ISL) in ELT

4. If you’re a manager who wants to do things differently …

Daniel Barber: Coaching in practice (lesson demo)

Timothy Crook: The challenge of managing, training and connecting dispersed teacher teams

Duncan Foord: Give your teaching the coaching twist

Billie Haase: Observations with a twist: promoting an observee-led approach to in house observation of teachers

Maureen McGarvey: Dogme, Demand High and ELT Management?

Laura Summers: Top tips for attracting new learners

Fiona Thomas: Setting up and running successful online courses

 5. If you’re a film buff …

Kieran Donaghy: Film in action: digital film-making in language teaching

Christina Rebuffet: Video-making for beginners

Kat Robb: Using video to teach English

6. If you want to know what’s going on in the world of ELT publishing …

Claire Hart: The adaptation game: Lessons learnt from adapting print for digital

Nick Robinson and Jo Sayers talk adaptive learning with Knewton. Moderated by Scott Thornbury.

7. If you’re teaching CLIL …

Elisabet Pladevall: How CLIL and ELT can (happily) coexist and benefit from each other

8. If you feel ELT can be a force for good …

Fiona Oates and Andrew Dodd: Towards social inclusion 2015

9. If you’re wondering what Demand High is …

Gerard McLoughlin: Demand High Teaching: A new concept in teaching?

Maureen McGarvey: Dogme, Demand High and ELT Management?

10. If you’re wondering what would happen if you sent a group of teacher trainees with no experience to teach a class with no tutor guidance or observation …

Sinead Laffan: The Hole in the classroom wall

11. If you’re wondering what all this innovation means for you …

Rick Sampedro: We teach, we touch the future: the role of the ELT teacher in a fast-changing world

12. If you want to hear a learner’s perspective on learning English …

Luci Gutiérrez: English is not easy

13. And finally: if you need to learn how to survive a zombie apocalypse …

Lindsay Clandfield and Robert Campbell: English for the zombie apocalypse (lesson demo)

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