What is ELTjam?

ELTjam exists to promote innovation and experimentation in ELT, and to explore the question “What’s next for ELT?”

We are Nick Robinson, Laurie Harrison and Tim Gifford. We created the eltjam.com blog to champion the free exchange of expertise, skills and innovative ideas between ELT professionals. This is where we share ELT-relevant news, reviews and opinions on EdTech, gaming, mobile and online learning, publishing and learning. We invite contributions from publishers, teachers, authors, game developers, ELT entrepreneurs and anyone else who is driven to identify how things can be done better.

As well as running this blog, ELTjam is a company offering consultancy, product development services and training to ELT publishers and educational institutions.

If you’d like to get involved, contribute to our blog or ask us anything, please get in touch:

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