ELTjam LDX Session: Ceri Jones on why we need a ‘CoachBot’

ELTjam LDX Session: Ceri Jones on why we need a ‘CoachBot’

Ceri Jones spoke at the ELTjam LXD Session in Birmingham recently, with the backdrop of the IATEFL Conference. Ceri gave us her take on Learner Experience design and what it might mean for language learning content.

‘I think we need some kind of layer that helps guide students to look for and enjoy variety, not to get stuck in the purgatory of repeated gap fills, but to explore new paths, and expand their learning rather than limiting it.’

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What could ELT publishers learn from startups about product/market fit?

How many of your customers would be very disappointed if one of your products ceased to exist tomorrow? How many would register it only momentarily before replacing it with something that, as far as they’re concerned, is more or less interchangeable? My guess would be that (in the majority of cases) they would be only marginally inconvenienced, and this is something of an inconvenient truth in ELT publishing. Right now, we’re witnessing Product/Market Fill, when what we should be aiming for is Product/Market Fit. What does that mean, and what can publishers do about it?

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ELTjam LXD Session: Nick Robinson

On the evening of the 13th April, amidst the noise and tomfoolery of the IATEFL Conference in Birmingham, we hosted a small, underground ELTjam Session. The topic of the evening was Learner Experience Design (LXD), and we invited four speakers to take 10 minutes to share their thoughts on the subject while the audience supped on craft ales. First up was our very own Nick Robinson. Here is his opening salvo from that night …

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