ELTjam LXD Session: Lindsay Clandfield and the game changers

ELTjam LXD Session: Lindsay Clandfield and the game changers

ELT EdTech, if we use a video game metaphor, is like Pong.

Possibly the best quote on the state of ELT digital products ever. Lindsay Clandfield was one of the four speakers that addressed the topic of Learner Experience Design (LXD) at our ELTjam Session on the 13th April. His 10-minute spot covered the growing influence of video games and the surprise survival of the fitness industry. Here’s how Lindsay tied it all together …

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Applying startup thinking to teacher development

Cambridge English and ELTjam have been working together to create a digital framework for teachers – an initiative to help language teachers develop their digital skills specifically to enhance teaching and learning. This post looks at how we have developed the framework and the results that have come about from starting small, getting out of the office and constantly iterating.

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What could ELT publishers learn from startups about product/market fit?

How many of your customers would be very disappointed if one of your products ceased to exist tomorrow? How many would register it only momentarily before replacing it with something that, as far as they’re concerned, is more or less interchangeable? My guess would be that (in the majority of cases) they would be only marginally inconvenienced, and this is something of an inconvenient truth in ELT publishing. Right now, we’re witnessing Product/Market Fill, when what we should be aiming for is Product/Market Fit. What does that mean, and what can publishers do about it?

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